Health Professional Resources

Here are some Health Professional Resources.

The Lymphoedema Association of Queensland Inc offers information, newsletters, support and education through membership.


1. For brochures and details contact:

The Secretary Lymphoedema Association of Queensland Inc
PO Box 3068

Office: Phone/Fax: (07) 3269 1498


2. Publications by Michael Mason
"Living with Lymphoedema''
"Exercises for Lymphoedema of the Arm"
"Exercises for Lymphoedema of the Leg"


3. Professor Neil Piller
Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic, Flinders Surgical Oncology Clinic, PO Box 312, Melrose Park SA 5039
Phone: 08 8204 5754
Fax: 08 8374 3469
Patient information Booklets
Recognition, Treatment and Management of Lymphoedema. (primary, arms, breat, legs and venous oedema of the leg.)

4. Lymphoedema Association of Australia, Inc:
Dr Judith R Casley-Smith
Admin: John Hobson
Phone: 08 8271 2198 Fax: 08 8271 8776
Lymphoedema Literature,Information, Exercise program and Video Email:


5. Queensland Clinical Genetics Services Genetics Education Queensland
Program Enquiries: Email:
Home Page:


6. Breast Cancer Network of Australia
- Brochures Reducing your Risk of Lymphoedema Fact sheet for travelling
Contact 1800 500 258

7. Treatment Directory:
Click here.

8. CA112 Lymphoedema GP Guide for Diagnosis QLD
Click here.

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