Our ‘General Information’ brochure is a useful and informative resource. It is designed for use by Health Professionals and those in the community who want to assist with lifting the level of awareness of the Lymphoedema Association of Queensland’s (LAQ) existence. Along with information about Lymphoedema itself, the brochure also outlines the range of support services and membership benefits provided by LAQ.


Topics covered in this brochure include:


  • What is Lymphoedema?
  • About the Condition.
  • What are the Types of Lymphoedema?
  • The Signs and Symptoms.
  • The Causes of Lymphoedema.
  • The Treatment Options.
  • Who is the Lymphoedema Association of QLD?
  • Aims of the Lymphoedema Association of QLD.
  • Membership Services and Support on offer.
  • Membership Application Form.

Brochure | General Information

  • Regardless of how many brochures you order the total cost will be $16. (Being $1 for brochures + $15 Postage + Handling)

    The minimum order is 20 and the maximum is 100.

    This brochure is full colour print - A5 size.