Node News | Advertising Rates

Node News provides advertisers with the unique opportunity to showcase their products and services to an engaged and information seeking lymphoedema community. If you want your products to be seen and read by those with Lymphoedema and their care givers, Node News offers the perfect vehicle to connect.


Circulated electronically and read by over 1,000 lymphoedema patients and their care givers each quarter, Node News is also promoted extensively across our social media platforms, providing maximum engagement and coverage for advertisers’ offerings and services.

Annual Publication Dates:

Summer – 1 December
Autumn – 1 March
Winter – 1 June
Spring – 1 September

Advertising Booking Deadlines:

Summer – 4 November

Autumn – 4 February
Winter – 4 May
Spring – 1 August

How to book Advertising space:

After reading our 'Advertising Rates Schedule' below you can book advertising space using this NODE NEWS | Advertising Booking Form.

If you wish to discuss your advertising requirements prior to submitting your Advertising Booking Form, please call Lynette on M: 0403 782 795 or send an email to her E:

Node News | Advertising Rates Schedule:  (You can download the Advertising Rates Schedule here.)