About Us

The Lymphoedema Association of Queensland (LAQ) is a membership-based self-help organisation that offers support, resources, information, and education to those affected by lymphoedema.

A registered charity without any ongoing government funding, our mission is only made possible by funds raised through membership, donations, bequests, fundraising events, grants, and philanthropic trusts. Being a registered charity, all donations made to LAQ are tax-deductible.

Our History:

Established in 1989, the concept of LAQ was the collaborative foresight of Queensland based doctors and patients. Inspired to bring about change through their own professional and personal experience with lymphoedema the collective group had a vision to create an organisation that would raise public awareness whilst also offering support services to those with the condition.

Sadly, back 30 years ago little was known about lymphoedema and information on the ground was scarce. The ability for those with the condition to identify medical or health practitioners working in the field was fragmented and access to information on the treatment options available was almost impossible to find.

To address these challenges and more, lymphoedema patient Mary Stewart (LAQ’s current Vice President) founded what today we all know of as the Lymphoedema Association of Queensland. Establishing an inaugural working group of interested parties which included Dr Ian Bunce, Dr. George Blair-West, Marilyn Elliott, and Bev Mirilo, the trail-blazing concept of LAQ was born.

Three decades on through a dedicated team of volunteers, the ongoing financial support from donors and a loyal membership-base, LAQ has grown to become a beacon of light and the trusted resource Queenslanders turn to when their lives are affected by Lymphoedema.

Our Aims:

  • Offer support and services to Queenslanders with Lymphoedema.

  • Provide information and education about lymphoedema.

  • Provide treatment and self-help information to patients & families.

  • Increase both public and health professional awareness.

  • Interact with health sector and needs of those with lymphoedema.

  • Network and improve the availability of resources for treatment.

  • Liaise with interstate lymphoedema groups on national activities.

  • Lobby State and Federal Governments on lymphoedema issues. 

About You:

If you, a member of your family or a friend has been affected by Lymphoedema, becoming a Member of LAQ could make a world of positive difference. Click here to Join.

If not joining LAQ as a Member - you can still support LAQ’s services by making a tax-deductible donation.