Node News March 2021
Node News March 2021

Lymphoedema Awareness Month - March 2021
Lymphoedema Awareness Month - March 2021

Lymphoedema Association of Qld
Lymphoedema Association of Qld

Awareness Education Support - We Care

Node News March 2021
Node News March 2021

Who We Are

The Lymphoedema Association of Queensland Inc. was founded in 1989 by people with the condition, health professionals and concerned others. It supports the establishment of local branches and support groups throughout the State.

The Association is a self help organisation and offers support, information and education to anyone affected by lymphoedema.

We are a registered charity, and funds are raised by membership fees, fundraising events, philanthropic trusts and donations which are tax deductible. 


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The Benefits Our Members Enjoy
Our Aims
  • Offer support and services to Queenslanders with Lymphoedema.

  • Provide information and education about the condition, treatment programs and self-help for patients and their families.

  • Increase public and health professional awareness of the condition of lymphoedema.

  • Liaise with health professionals interested in lymphoedema and the needs of Queenslanders with it.

  • Work towards improving the availability of better resources for the treatment of lymphoedema in Queensland.

  • Network with interstate lymphoedema organisations and participating in national activities.

  • Lobby the State and Federal Government on issues relating to the health and wellbeing of LAQ Members. 

PHONE: 0403 782 795



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